Does Dr. Kimmel recommend pet health insurance?

Absolutely! Positively!

Most of us, including myself, are able to budget for our pets’ annual preventive care, vaccines, and monthly preventives. However, what happens when one of our four-legged family members is diagnosed with chronic allergies, a broken bone, an obstruction in the intestine, an abscessed tooth, diabetes, a tumor on the spleen, or an enlarged heart? Most of these conditions are quite treatable, but they can be costly for those of us not living off a trust fund or lottery winnings!

Veterinary medicine has become very sophisticated. We now have MRIs, digital radiography, ultrasonography, ICU level care, and veterinary specialists for everything from dermatology and internal medicine to oncology and orthopedic surgery. In addition, physical therapy and alternative medicine treatment modalities are now becoming more common.

It is exciting to see these veterinary advancements increasing the quality and duration of our pets’ lives. But, I am also too familiar with the frustration expressed by clients who want the best that modern medicine can offer but can’t afford it. And even I (as a veterinarian and owner of a veterinary clinic) fall into this category! A chronic or catastrophic medical issue with my beloved greyhound, Lykke, would be a huge economic strain on my family, just as it would be for many of yours.

My solution, to help alleviate the financial burden of an expensive diagnosis or emergency, was to purchase pet health insurance for Lykke. I chose Trupanion (I receive NO kickbacks or reimbursement) and insured Lykke while she was young, prior to any pre-existing issues being documented, which was key in keeping rates low.

This is how Lykke’s health insurance works: 90% of any new illness or emergency is paid by Trupanion with no cost limit. I chose a $500 deductible. (Preventive care–meaning wellness visits, wellness lab work/diagnostics, and monthly heartworm/flea/tick prevention is NOT covered.)

So, I budget for preventive care out of pocket, pay $60 month to Trupanion, and have peace of mind knowing that if/when Lykke faces something serious and expensive which may require advanced care–our family will be able to more easily afford the treatment she deserves.

Our clinic is happy to discuss Trupanion insurance further with you, assist with the application process, and also help submit claims should you decide to purchase a policy.